Even the end of a great win-win series, "Gunners"

Even the end of a great win-win series, "Gunners" (49 matches) was not without evil genius of Rooney to the brutal felling Wayne managed to earn a penalty for van Nistelrooy, and even score yourself. By the way, the date of the match - 24 October - coincides with the birthday of Rooney. Apparently, the best English footballer of the last decade was born to particularly annoy Arsene Wenger.

The champion Wayne. How to become as cool as Runi Transplant hair 1486199406_miranchuk_2.jpg

Joking aside, but to go bald when you have only recently turned 25 - the story of the unpleasant. Rooney never been an outstanding appearance and in general was a simple English guy not wearing as Ronaldo, earring in the ear, and sought to be Manchester trendsetter. However, a hair transplant at some point become a necessity for him. "I started to go bald at 25 years, so why would I not do it?" - The question asked Rooney on Twitter.

However, one operation (since 2011.) It is not done: in 2013, Wayne went through a re-transplant hair, but it is possible that there were other attempts to bring her hair in order. No wonder Morrissey - the famous singer originally from Manchester - insisted: "If your hair is not in order, then you have a problem with my life." Wayne Rooney wanted to avoid such problems - not with the purpose to show off how Pogba, changing three haircuts a week - and only then to be the usual English guy who (a little) better than all lucky in this country to play her favorite game.

Every year the deadlines are boring. Another six years ago the clubs literally on the checkbox signed Fernando Torres, David Luiz, Andy Carroll, Luis Suarez ... right goosebumps. And the loudest transfers yesterday, the last day is the departure of Lacina Traoré CSKA, which delighted all the "Army" fans, rent Hese belonging to PSG in the "Las Palmas" and the deal to transfer Manolo Gabbiadini of "Napoli" in "Southampton" on which said a week. Well, just louder than ever.

Traditionally in winter dozayavok it is not so much large transactions (if you are, of course, is not Brazilian, lifelong dream to play for one of the Chinese clubs), but there is always a series of transactions stand out.

9-10. Alexandre Pato

From / To: "Villarreal" - "Tianjin Tsyuantszyan" Price: € 18 million.

Pato shone in "Milan" at the age of 17. The promising playing next to Andrea Pirlo, Filippo Inzaghi, Rino Gattuso, Paolo Maldini, Clarence Seedorf - in general representatives of the terrible "Milan" mid zero years of the XXI century, which we will never forget. Brazilian prodigy even become owners of «Golden Boy» award in 2009, the year. After leaving the camp "Rossoneri" because of the numerous injuries, Pato over the past two years playing in Brazil, and has decided to revive the European career in 2016, the year. The venture with the return to the Old World has failed. First, Pato did not play in "Chelsea", six months later it bought the "Villarreal", but the Spanish club just changed his mind and was able to get rid of the Brazilian profitable. Thus, the "yellow submarine" has enriched the coffers of the club 18 million. Euro, and Axel Witsel in the partners got Pato, who has become one of the best players in the world in the Man, go ahead to play in China for the dough.