Thus, in some seasons, Rooney

Thus, in some seasons, Rooney did not need to score in batches: he went to his record, step by step, a surprising first stability. During these 13 years side by side with Wayne blazed Cristiano Ronaldo, Carlos Tevez, Dimitar Berbatov, Robin van Persie - but someone has gone to increase, some quarreled with the club and ran to the neighbors, and someone just dropped out of the top-end form. Only Rooney has always been here and scoring goals - sometimes a lot, sometimes less, but in any case he remains a valuable player for Sir Alex and David Moyes, and Louis van Gaal and José Mourinho.

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Rooney - a versatile striker: he knows how to score the leg, head and excellent play podygryshe. No wonder he predicted the future of central midfielder Wayne never was a typical "post" (with its growth - could not be by definition), but was able to carry out several functions in the attack. Ferguson has always loved football, how can push an opponent in the power struggle, and show remarkable grace and plastic - where it is needed. Similarly, a player has already been mentioned Berbatov: infantile at first Bulgarian, who, nevertheless, in addition to the incredible technique scored goals head.

An excellent illustration of abilities Rooney - his famous goal against the "Manchester City". Not every player in the world will be able to in a split second to take such a decision, as necessary to group their bodies, and (most importantly) to punch right on target. Goal Rooney gate Hart - the card of his career, the quintessence of Wayne as a player who knows how to attack everything.

Adore score at the gate of "Arsenal"

Wayne Rooney loves to score in the gates team Arsene Wenger. Since his first goal in the Premier League Rooney celebrated it in the game against the "Gunners". Shel year 2002, Wayne was 16 years old, but he already liked David Moyes, who has begun to attract a young football player in the first team games. October 19 - the day before his seventeenth birthday - a future champion "Manchester United" scored the winning goal against David Seaman. It is difficult to imagine anything more cool when you have not even sell beer.

Some of the commemorative heads Rooney 'United' comes again to the "Arsenal". Seven years ago, (January 31, 2010-the year), "Devils" won the "Emirates" with a score of 3: 1, but Wayne scored one of the goals - it was his hundredth goal in the Premier League. A few years later there was a famous game which ended in a major defeat indecent "Arsenal" (8: 2). It broke Rooney hat-trick, breaking the mark of 150 goals for the club. The same day, the 10th Ferguson's team room was the best scorer of the "Manchester United" in the Premier League history.