FC Augsburg - Werder Brémy

Two teams from the second half of the table, who already this season due to disappointing results digs to change coaches. Could be described as a Sunday duel between Augsburg and guests from Werder, who want to fix the taste of a tight home defeat to Bayern masterpiece.

Match Result not yet known, but one thing is certain - between three poles stand coach Alexander Nouri definitely Felix Wiedwalda. Czech goalkeeper Jaroslav services Bremen minor is still remaining two matches of the sentence, which he received as an unnecessary foul on Marco Reus in the match against Dortmund.

Indiscipline is the reason for the unavailability of Santiago Garcia. Bremen's defender against Bayern received a fifth yellow card and one match for this reason omitted. Health problems prevent entry to Augsburg lawn Hajrovičovi and Grillitsch.

Domestic FCA will miss Callsen-Bracker, whose troubled by an injured calf and the game will not intervene Caiuby which the match will not let knee. Outside the game is striker Alfred Finnbogasson, which, although already involved in training and gradually recovering from the pelvis, but we can assume that he was already ready to jump into the match.

On the contrary, can take advantage of home coach Manuel Baum services of left-back of Greek Konstantinos Stafylidise. He punishment after jednozápasovém who snubbed you in a match with Wolfsburg returned to the assembly.

Regarding coach FCA, which may be still relatively satisfied. In four matches under his leadership had Augsburg earned seven points, which is more on average than under his predecessor on the bench Dirk Schuster.