FC Lorient - OGC Nice 0:1

Lorient filed against Nice brave performance. But once the defense team to Bernard Casoniho, Champions League winners in 1993, as well cashed, so Les Aiglons not lost to Monaco, nor at PSG. Must also add that Les Merlus played more than twenty minutes in numerical superiority, he was sent off ... Mario Balotelli.

The decisive moment of the match came on the agenda for the evening in the 15th minute. Arnaud Souquet ran along the right sideline pass Wylanu Cyprien, who ran in to lime and ground hard blow to the closer rod overcame Benjamin Lecomteho 0 - 1st Cyprien scored for the seventh time, unlike Mario Balotelli, who at the opponent's pitch this season, a goal not given.

Fresh champion Benjamin Moukandjo Africa could settle after a while, but missed. Similarly, he acted his colleague Sylvain Marveaux. By the end of the first half still had a chance to make Lecomte against Younes Belhandy. Conversely, after changing sides lost two good moments Yoana Cardinaleho when the ferret Zarga Touré header and Francoise Bellugoua close.

After 68 minutes came to an innocent duel with Touré Balotellim, after which the Italian striker was very strictly honored with a red card. The first one was issued with the same time in October, also in a duel with FC Lorient. Strange coincidence because it had too Favreho charges eventually won by one goal. At the Stade du Moustoir, however, was required after leaving Balotelli to play a considerably larger portion minutes.

Domestic much effort. In most occasions, but Majeed Waris first hit, and then withstood a delicious Cardinal. Nice thus attributed sixteenth win (for the whole of last year when they finished in fourth place has collected eighteen), and in the next round and will want to beat Montpellier. Lorient will try to get the better of Rennes.